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ZX68 Spectrum emulator.

ZX Spectrum emulator for Motorola 68000 based machines
by Alberto Ordóñez.

ZX68 is the name for a ZX Spectrum emulator written in assembler for the Motorola 68000 CPU and all compatible variants. The idea is to do a ZX Spectrum emulator that can be executed on any machine based on the Motorola 68000. The emulation core can be exactly the same for all the machines, the only diference will be the code to access specific hardware of the host machine, like the screen, keyboard, sound hardware and file access.

Actually I am working in versions for 680x0 based Amigas and PalmOS compatible devices, my intention is to do versions for Macintosh, Atari ST, Linux m68k and any other platform based or compatible with the Motorola 68000 CPU.

My emulator running Sabre Wulf in my Visor PalmOS 3.1, Mad Mix Game in my Zire PalmOS 4.1 and Cookie in my Z22 PalmOS 5.

In the actual state my emulator can run a lot of Spectrum software without problems, in fact I only know 1 Spectrum game not working correctly under my emulator:

"The empire strikes back", shows some corrupted vectors.

Anyway the game is playable. If you know why this game fail or you find more failing games please contact me.

NEW VERSION V0.3 for PalmOS.

Added support for key combinations, now you can program in BASIC using all the commands. Added special version not using direct screen access working on Z22 and maybe on TH55. Fixed power button as fire in greyscale version. Reduced device requeriments again, tested under emulator with PalmOS 3.0 and 2MB.

A friend have tested ZX68 on his PocketPC using PalmOS emulator StyleTap and has reported it works ok.

DOWNLOAD ZX68 FOR PALMOS V0.3 released 9-Dec-2006.

VERSION V0.2 for PalmOS

A bit faster thanks to ZXPilot author Stanislav Yudin, and a bit more using main loop in every emulated Z80 instruction. Fixed border color to be no bright color and optimized a bit keyboard emulation. "The Sentinel" works fine in this version, thanks to Yura Vasin for his help. Reduced device requeriments to PalmOS 3.1 and 2 bits display.

DOWNLOAD ZX68 FOR PALMOS V0.2 released 8-May-2006.

VERSION V0.1 for PalmOS

Here you can get the first version released to the public for PalmOS.

DOWNLOAD ZX68 FOR PALMOS V0.1 released 9-Jan-2006.

DOWNLOAD SOME GAMES ready to be used on ZX68 for PalmOS.


If you want to have more than a game in your palm, you can use "HandZipperLite" for free, so you can have every game in ZIP format or a ZIP file with a lot of games, you can decompress the game you want to play. Unfortunately you can't create ZIPs on 2MB devices, but you can create size optimized ZIP files on your desktop machine using "7-Zip". You can transfer ZIP files directly to your Palm, but "HandZipperLite" will decompress it and don't let you store the compressed file. This can be used too with ZXPilot.

Please report success of the emulator with your device in my discussion forum.

Other Spectrum emulators for PalmOS:

ZX-Pilot needs at least PalmOS 3.5 and 4MB of memory.

ArmZX needs PalmOS 5 and ARM compatible CPU.

ZSpectrum works only on Tapwave Zodiac.

If you want to contact me send an email to:zx68000@yahoo.es.